Giving Hope to the Hopeless

At Heart of the Father, we believe that no child is ever lost, every person is valuable, and all people are worthy of love!


Heart of the Father exists to provide care to orphans, vulnerable children, powerless young-women, and broken families located in Uganda, Africa. We provide many different types of services to the communities we serve. At Heart of the Father, we take a long-term approach to what we do and go beyond simple involvement in the lives of the children and people we serve.

We believe that every life matters and our passion is to see those we work with follow their heart, pursue their dreams, receive the love of the Father, and live life with purpose!



We invite you to read our story and learn the history behind Heart of the Father. We also want to to invite you meet the team who make it all possible.


The Heart of the Father is a safe-haven for many young children who have been living to survive. The village will reflect a familiar traditional dwelling for people in Uganda and provide programs to allow youth from all walks of life to learn ways to care for themselves.


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