Moses Awuyo is a missionary operating under the title of International Director of Timothy II Ministries in the country of Kampala, Uganda.


Timothy II Ministries Statement:

   "...These individuals comprise the outstanding Leadership that God has put together to work in partnership with Timothy II throughout the world. We thank God for these men who take this Apostolic Work of the Lord very seriously and have dedicated their life and time to do whatever is necessary to serve the Lord to the best of their ability..."


Though he has been called to mission work, Moses also has a heart for helping the orphans and street kids in the area. He has taken on the ministry of being a "father to the fatherless". That's how the name, Heart of the Father, came about. Growing up without a father himself, he knows the harsh reality of facing life without a male figure to guide you.


There are many dangers due to the Muslim community and warlords constantly recruiting children to become soldiers, the last being Joseph Kony. Moses is not only trying to give his 150+ children a future and hope, he is also watching out for their lives spiritually and physically. Through Heart of The Father Life Center, Pastor Moses plans to continue to implement this love and guidance in an even more powerful way, leaving an impression not only for the orphans, but the World.


When Moses began this ministry, God showed him that one day he would own his own land for the orphans and kids living on the street in order to provide proper education and health services. After teaming up with a middle school math teacher half-way across the world, Gary Poole, we started to see the fruition of this vision.

We're asking that you become a partner in our goal to obtain a place where orphans and street kids will be able to live in safety and develop their educational skills. Any donation is welcomed and will be very much appreciated. Help us show the orphans and street kids in Moses's care... THE HEART OF THE FATHER. A 100% of Donations will go directly to HOTF!!!


Orlando, FL, USA

Kampala, Uganda, Africa


What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering...

                                                             -James 1:27


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