Heart of the Father Life Center

Peace of Land

As in the pictures above, one can see why having your own property would be better than continuously renting. As the number of orphans Moses adds under his wing increases, the need for a permanent home becomes more urgent. The Heart of the Father Life Center is an operation yet to be completed. Once completed, it'll be a place where orphans and street kids of Kampala, Uganda will be able to live in safety and develop their educational skills. As we have now purchased land, which came with a building, our mission is to complete the building up of the land. Even though we are grateful to be able to have our own property, we now endeavor to complete the vision of it becoming a suitable place where orphans and street kids of Uganda can dwell. The word PEACE is spelled this way intentionally because once our project is complete, Heart of the Father will be able to provide shelter, education and medicinal help in what otherwise would be difficult circumstance.

General Necessities


Close to, if not as important, are the daily necessities of the children here at Heart of the Father. Things such as food, water, school supplies, etc are hard to come by on the budget of Moses alone. We need your help...the children need your help.



What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering...

                                                             -James 1:27


*Dan & Paula Disbrow

*Fellowship Church of Winter Springs

*Michelle Sharrie

*Norman & Nubia Sergeant